Rule Amendment History

Amendment 1. 2000: Increased number of Freeze players from 5 to 6 players

Amendment 2. 2001: Increased number of Freeze players from 6 to 7 players

Amendment 3. 2001: Added a bonus point structure to offensive players.
Players get an extra 3 points for passing more than 300 yards in one week.
Players get an extra 3 points for rushing or receiving for more than 100 yards in one week.

Amendment 4. 2003: Changed Draft Order assignment procedure. Now the 8 teams that don't make the playoffs will have their own tournament to decide Draft Order for the next season..

Amendment 5. 2004: Post season ties are broken by the total starter points in the regular season.

Amendment 6. 2004: Home Field Advantage (HFA) reduced to 7 points (from 10 points) for all regular season games and 1st round post season games.

Amendment 7. 2004: All 2nd round post season games, including the championship game, are exempt from the Home Field Advantage (HFA) rule. Games will be played on a 'neutral' field.

Amendment 8. 2005: Trades are prohibited from the start of Week 11 games until the end of the MTFFL championship game.

Amendment 9. 2006: Both leagues switch to

Amendment 10. 2006: Ammendment 4 is overturned and draft position is determined by regular season results.

Amendment 11. 2015: Home Field Advantage (HFA) is abolished.

Rule Book Updates

Update 2008-06-21 - major reformatting and minor edits

Update 2012-07-30 - modification to schedule rotation to be more flexible with relation to NFL schedule

Update 2015-08-22 - Amendment 11